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a little redesign

There is no denying, this one is inspired by. By one of industrialdesigns more popular brands out there – CAKE. When I first saw their new Aik Urban-Bike I immediately liked the approach but saw a lot of potential. So, my aim was to create an Urban-Bike in a similar fashion, but more bicycle focused.

In my opinion, Aiks weakest point is its weight. 32 kg for a relatively small bicycle is a lot. It might mainly come from a sturdy construction that allows for 200 kg total weight – but I would argue that no one really needs such a high load capacity on a non-Cargo-Bike. Imagine loading 100 kg on your rack and trying to ride around a slow corner with it... . Then there are the small wheels with very wide 3.0” tires. I would question the need of these as well. Otherwise, it is a simple and practical bike with loads of style.


One of the features I immediately wanted to implement with that design is a laptop-bag option inside the mainframe. Supported by the two small tubes, that connect the rear-end and the Headtube. This would be a very practical option for those who want to commute to work without backpack or having the need of a rack. For sure, there are different front- and rear-rack options available for those who need more cargo-space. Both are very simple to install. Instead of a small, fat tire-combo, I decided for 24” wheels with 2.6” tires. That makes the bike easier to ride, less sensible for potholes and still comfortable. To add to the everyday practicability the low seat tube houses a long travel dropper post. That helps at the traffic lights or when getting on and off the bike. The high-rise handlebars help for a better driving position.

The drive is centered around a mid-mounted motor and a long belt to drive the rear wheel via an internal gear rear-hub. To be able to remove and recharge the battery as easy as possible, the battery pack is on the outside of the frame. Just loosen the signal-colored strap and slide the battery out of its housing.

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