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[ Create ]

It’s not about creating new products for the sake of it. More so to make it better in every way possible.

I like that it doesn’t need a lot to create something. A good idea, a pen and paper is all to start with. With the right amount of creativity than the idea can be developed further. Creating means to create something, most likely a working product in the real world. What it takes therefore is again creativity but paired with knowledge. Otherwise, the idea stays an idea and will never make it into a physical model nor production.

Thanks to my former education at a higher technical college and the higher interest in technical solutions, production methods and materials I developed a good feeling about the feasibility of a design. With every project I learn something new. Especially at a time where a new technology could revolutionize the market every day, you have to be aware of it. Also, one should also look back and understand what was done in history.


Design makes the difference.

It is the one thing we are confronted first when seeing a product. It has to stand out in the right way and wake the first interest. Appearance and colors are most important properties here. In the second step we take a closer look. Design must deliver again through well thought details, ergonomics, haptic properties and so on. This has to sell the product. In the third and last step, the product needs to work properly as expected. Again, well thought details, self-explaining handling bonds the user to the product and makes him/her happy.

These are the three stages of read I like to keep in mind when developing a product. Interest, conviction and use. This principle combines the importance of aesthetics with well thought functions.


Design isn’t about the glossiest renderings or cheesiest animations. Its more about telling the right story to the right people with the adequate tools. A quick pen-sketch could do, but sometimes it needs a little more than that to convince.  


Passion is higher interest in something.

If we are interested in something we tend to be good at it and have more knowledge than most others.

I like being in the mountains, which means I’m passionate about it. For me it is more than just sport and nature, it is a truly inspiring place that keeps me creative. I also like biking, so I go biking in the mountains. For me that is a logic combination of two interests, or in other words, passions.

And so, design for me is also a passion. I have a big interest in various directions of it where I’m able to create something I can relate to. Like for example bicycles, where again two of my biggest passions come together.


[ TIME ]

Time is omnipresent. Everyone has the same amount of it every day, every week, every year. Where it differs is the management of it. Being able to make the most out of the time given. Be it for household, leisure time – or most importantly here – work. I’d consider myself being very efficient and organized regarding projects. It was one of the things I developed best during my studies. A well sorted time-management allows for an efficient working time, happy customers and overall, for a happy life.  

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