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Track Bike

Urban / Extreme / Low

Urban Hipster Bike. Track Bike inspired Urban Bike. Urban Bike heavy Time-Trial Bike. I’m myself not sure what this bike really is. Fact is, I like it. I most definitely see it in one hip part of a city where someone wants to stand out with his bicycle. That someone doesn’t want it to be practical nor comfortable.

The overall inspiration was an old Cinelli Laster Pursuit Bike, one of my all-time favorite designs out there. One special feature it had back than was a form mounted bullhorn bar. I liked that idea, so I wanted to bring it into an modern bicycle.

The result is a rather radical design. The frame looks immediately different. Then there is the toptube which drops down and creates a low front anyways. Where you’d expect a handlebar, there is none. But way lower, integrated in the fork, there is a bullhorn bar. It is exchangeable, and held in place by two hidden M6 bolts in the top of the fork.

The overall appearance of the bike is very dynamic. One part that you might notice amongst othe is the completely flat top surface of the toptube. All of that is paired with an arodynamic Kamm-Tail profile of the down-, head- and seattube as well as the seatstays.

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