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Track Bike Livery.jpg

Track-Bike custom livery:

Vertical color blocking from bright peach at the back to dark purple at the front.


Livery and Graphics

This project started when I was developing the CTG (Color,Trim & Graphics) for a bicycle project. I did research and occupied the trends and colors of the time as well as the companie’s colors. There was also the idea of creating a hero-livery, in which the bike should be presented and serve as a figurehead. I liked this whole process so much that I decided to do some liveries for other bicycles as well in my leisure time.

Dieses Projekt startete als ich für ein Fahrradprojekt das CTG (Color, Trim & Graphics) machen durfte. Ich beschäftigte mich mit den aktuellen Trends und Farben sowie den bestehenden Farben der Firma. Zudem war der Gedanke eine Hero-Livery zu entwickeln, in welcher das Rad später präsentiert und auch das Aushängeschild werden soll. Dieser Prozess machte mir Spaß und inspirierte mich dazu in meiner Freizeit weitere ausgefallene Lackierungen für andere Fahrräder zu entwickeln.

Gravel-Bike custom livery:

Vertical color blocking from dark purple at the back to bright violet at the front.

YT Pink Frame_3D Box.jpg

YT Izzo custom livery:

Why don't go crazy with colors. This one is a custom pink hue which should go well with the complex surfacing of that frame. Quite Luxury is over - let's be brave and more confident.

Hardtail livery:

I always do a couple of color variants for a projects to see which one fits best. Sometime I create a color lineup that fits well together. In this case it was a Soft Red, Soft Green and Soft Blue. For a Launchcolor I choose the rather vibrant yellow on the right hand side.  

Downcountry livery:

The Downcountry Bike basically speaks the same (design-) language as the Hardtail above. Thus beeing a progressive concept for what it is, it still tries not to overwhelm the audience. Therefore the frame comes in a subtle but high-quality feeling ''Gunmetal-Grey''. Only the seatstays and one graphic deatail in the downtube come with a splash of color. Therefor not ruining the suphisticated appearnace but enhancing the overall look. 

Scott Ransom 2024:

The new Scott Ransom (2024) now comes with the same integration as Genius and Spark. Since this is clearly the way for Scott Bikes (and honestly I'm all for it) I just tried to show my own idea of color and livery optins without changing the overall design too much. The outlines for my little redesign stay exactly the same, only with some subtle changes of its character lines. 

To be honest, in my opinion Scott brings some pretty neat color options for the new Ransom (especially the Yellow one or the top level Contessa). But I wanted to add my own idea. I went for a pretty daring Bright-Turquoise color for a start. The other two are a special fading livery where it is both, a hard cut and a fade between the two colors. The main color is a metallic grey with a contrast color either in yellow or dark-red.

Aero Gravel update:

The Aero Gravel Bike was one of my favourite projects in 2023. Now, in 2024, I wanted to add a new and fresh colorway. Lets call it a lifecycle-update. Inspired by trend colors of the interior design world I went for a color blocking option of three colors. The ''Deep Blue'' marks the base whereas the two brighter colors give the bike more charcter. These are the same Lightness and Chroma, so the play very well together. 

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